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      An interesting week in August

      We had an interesting week in August. Most of our events happen on a Friday or Saturday, but this week we had some unusual days and interesting events.

      Monday we were at RWCMD in the Union bar. We were providing entertainment for an annual event that they were hosting this year. A bunch of NUS officers were having a conference. This day proved that you can Conga to anything- even recent chart tunes if you want!

      Wednesday I was DJing for the 18th Birthday of a past 50th Birthday client. We had some great dancing- especially considering it was a Wednesday!

      Callum from Love Island

      Thursday I was DJing for the “I Wish I Went To Prom” Prom with Capital FM. This took place at The Philharmonic, and it was totally fun to be part of the team and provide entertainment for people who never went to their Proms back in the day. It was fun working with Kally and Josh the Wales teatime presenters, and Matt Lissack, who used to present Breakfast.

      Friday I was expecting a quiet evening… but around lunchtime I received a call from Charlotte who was organising a surprise 30th birthday party for her husband Marc. Two weeks is a short time to plan a party beginning to end… and the day of the party is quite short notice to book a DJ. I was delighted to help, and she was over the moon. Small touches like the light box with his name on it were appreciated.

      Saturday I was DJing for a 60th Birthday of a good friend of mine, Kathy Plaster who is Principal of 344 Dance Centre and The Dance Station in Bristol. The entertainment was full and varied, and she was honoured as she should by many appreciative friends and past pupils. Oscar Anderson who has played a Porter on Casualty- almost since the start of the series was there as guest. As I do a little film extra work myself, it was nice to see him in a social context. He kindly helped my load the car at the end!

      Have you got any questions? ... Please get in touch!