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  • Packages

    Tailored to suit your needs

    Its impossible to simply ask 'how much do you charge for a disco?' Each event is different. Whatever your requirements, we have created 4 packages (as guides only), which can be tailored to suit your needs (Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze).

    Understandably you cannot offer quality and be cheap at the same time. Whatever your looking for we offer extremely good value for money, so good in fact that 85% of our business is from existing customers or referrals.

  • Selfie Wizard

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    Selfie Wizard

    Experience the day through your guests’ eyes with this digital display of their photographs that you can take away and keep.

    Take selfies and pictures on your own phones and upload them to the Selfie Wizard via our WiFi connection to the browser page so they can be displayed on the big screen for everyone to enjoy. Like a live photobooth feed you can capture memories of the whole night rather than just identical snapshots. We even have props!

    The Selfie Wizard can now be offered remotely. This means that if you are unable to have your intended guest count that your remote friends and family can upload photos and messages for you.


    Selfie Wizard alone Selfie Wizard incl. DJ Booking
    Incl. digital display on the day, props and a copy to take away £250 £195
    As above plus Hardcover Printed Photo book option £350 £295


    Have you got any questions? ... Please get in touch!