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  • Packages

    Tailored to suit your needs

    Its impossible to simply ask 'how much do you charge for a disco?' Each event is different. Whatever your requirements, we have created 4 packages (as guides only), which can be tailored to suit your needs (Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze).

    Understandably you cannot offer quality and be cheap at the same time. Whatever your looking for we offer extremely good value for money, so good in fact that 85% of our business is from existing customers or referrals.

  • Bronze (Kids) Disco Package

    Contact us for more information

    Heavily discounted package for afternoon events, in particular kids parties.

    With every DJ booking you get:
    • Professional & Experienced DJ
    • Free event consultation upon request
    • 24/7 access to our online music request system
    • 24/7 access to our online booking management system to plan every detail of your event with us.
    • Written Confirmation Letter
    • 100% DJ Attendance Guarantee
    •  Public Liability Insurance for our services and all equipment PAT Tested.

    Bronze Package 

    • Sound/PA System: 2x RCF 600w Top Speakers  Total Power: 1.2kW up to 129db (suitable for an indoor room holding up to 100 people or a marquee with up to 50 people)
    • Lighting: 4x Controlled lights  1x laser effects
    • Lighting Effects: 1x Smoke or Haze machine
    • DJ Booth: DJ Wrapz cover with option for LED lighting or Starcloth
    • DJ Console: Pioneer CDJ 1000 and DJM 800 mixer
    • Extras Included on request: at least 1x Long range Wireless stage quality Microphone, option to record speeches or performances using our microphones. Our DJs will always bring their own wired microphone for announcements as required.
    Pricing from £150, which includes 2 hours performance time, plus all set up time (around 1 hour) and pack up time (around 1 hour), up to 1 hours travel time each way from Cardiff base. The Finishing time must be before 4pm
    Have you got any questions? ... Please get in touch!