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It's impossible to simply ask 'how much do you charge for a disco?' Each event is different. Whatever your requirements, we have created 4 packages (as guides only), which can be tailored to suit your needs (Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze).

Understandably you cannot offer quality and be cheap at the same time. Whatever your looking for we offer extremely good value for money, so good in fact that 85% of our business is from existing customers or referrals.


DJs, entertainment, lighting and equipment


Birthdays, celebrations and small venues

DJ Truck

You heard right, a DJ booth on a truck


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Package and start priceBronze (kids)Silver (teen)SilverGoldPlatinum
Time (inclusive)2 hours (end by 5:30pm)3 hours (end by 11pm)4 hours4.5 hours4.5 hours
Sound system and recommended guest numbersR1000w (up to 100 children)1000w (up to 100 people)1000w (up to 100 people)2000w (up to 100-180 people)3000w (180+ people)
Gobo lights44457
Star Cluster laser11122
Smoke or haze (venue permitting)YesYesYesYesYes
Star cloth or table coverYesYesYesYes with boothYes with booth
Flame effects (pair)ExtraExtraExtraExtraIncluded
UV set up (extra)ExtraExtraExtraExtraExtra or swap with gobos
Up lights eachExtraExtraExtraExtraExtra or can be swapped with gobos
Up lights set of 8ExtraExtraExtraExtraExtra or can be swapped with gobos
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