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      How to create the perfect First Dance.

      The first dance is significant for so many couples. It is another moment where you are the centre of attention. For some this is a glorious thing, and for others it is fearsome. There are a few ways to approach it before you even consider what you will dance to.

      This is where you either just throw yourselves into it with spontaneity and have fun in an unstructured way or get dance classes to prepare you. Either get the dance choreographed by a professional, or use skills learnt in classes to choreograph your own. Some people involve the bridal party and have their DJ create a mix of different songs.

      Private moment shared
      Basically, this way forward is where you consider this a moment of tenderness and intimacy between you that others just happen to witness. You forget everyone else who is there and look into the eyes of your beloved. It doesn’t matter if you are just swaying in an embrace, or dancing with a little more animation. Everyone present is there to celebrate your official status as a married couple and they support you and feel delight in that.

      Let’s get this over with…
      Okay, so you are super embarrassed, and want everyone to just get on with partying and you want this over with, but feel obliged… so you ask your DJ to bring others to the dance floor part way through the dance. If you fall into that category, be assured that this is the same for many couples. It’s okay!

      Nope! We are not going to conform!
      So you are adamant that you will not follow this tradition. For whatever your personal reasons whether embarrassment or rebellion against tradition, there is no first dance. This is a party. Everyone just enjoy dancing please, don’t mind us!

      So unless you are in the last category, you need to choose a song or track. I see posts about this on wedding Facebook groups regularly, and it led me to the decision to write this article.

      What are the best First Dance songs for my Wedding?

      Some popular songs-
      Al Green- Let’s Stay together (5)
      Etta James- At Last (4)
      John Legend- All of Me (4)
      Adele- Make You feel My Love (3)
      DJ Sammy & Yanou – Heaven (candlelight mix) (3)
      Lonestar- Amazed (3)
      Elbow- one Day Like This (2)
      Michael Buble- Everything (2)
      Louis Armstrong- It’s a Wonderful World (2)
      Jack Johnson – Better Together (2)
      Ellie Goulding- Your Song (2)
      Take That- Rule The World (2)
      Aerosmith- I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing (2)
      Elvis Presley- Can’t Help Falling In Love With You (2) Savage Garden- I Knew I Loved You (2) Some more unusual choices-
      Enya- Flora’s. Secret
      The Flight of the Conchords- The most beautiful girl in the room
      Greenday – Good Riddance (Time of your Life)
      The Muppets- Life’s a Happy Song- faded into Time Warp
      Jonathan Coulton- Baby Got Back

      Please remember, this is about you as a couple. It can be romantic, it can be fun, it can take you back to a happy moment, it can be something that everyone else will happily join in with. Either way, we hope your choice brings smiles to people’s faces.

      If you’d like to learn more about the services we provide or need help planning your wedding. Please CONTACT US.

      A busy busy night!

      8th December was very busy for SGDJs. I was pleased to see that all of the bookings were for returning clients.

      Joff was at City Hall, DJing for a charity event for Orthopaedic doctors, with Lizzie on the Selfie Wizard. The Assembly room holds up to 500 people, and so the Platinum package it had to be. Podiums and moving heads plus gobo lights on the booth were provided. A great night was had by all, and we are looking forward to seeing them again in 2020.

      June was in Penarth serving a client who was hosting a work party. A musical theme of 70’s and 80’s Disco, complete with mirror ball and fancy dress was totally fun.

      James was at St Athan partying until the small hours.

      Alex was in Newport for a Christmas party and Paul was at another!

      So remember- we are a team. We have more than one DJ to go around. Try us for size … any size!

      House Party to mega big. 🙂

      Why Selfie Wizard?


      A new innovation is on the scene- if you haven’t experienced it yet, maybe it is time!

      It’s not a photo booth, it’s not a magic mirror… it is a way of collating and sharing photos taken on electronic devices during your event. How better to get pictures taken from various aspects of the venue and party and capture all the fun, not just pictures of those brave enough to go to a booth?

      Everything goes on to a memory stick for you that you keep.

      Takes up very little space- that of either our TV screen or projector and screen if fitted in the venue. Our wedding this week was a party who had real fun with it.

      Discounts when booked with a DJ package, but also available as a separate hire.

      Have you got any questions? ... Please get in touch!