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      Silent Disco Haverfordwest

      I was invited to provide both equipment and DJ services for Silent Event for a Silent Disco at Haverfordwest. It was such fun for both DJs and participants. We had a channel each, and each channel was represented by a coloured light on the headsets as dancers tuned into respective channels. My channel was red. I started out assessing the age group, and played predominantly dance music from 00’s and 90’s.

      Near the end it seemed appropriate to turn to more rock and pop music. This was the point when my followers began to increase. The spread of followers was pretty constant and diverse between the three of us, but by the end a majority were following me. I would thoroughly recommend this method of pleasing more people for more of the time!

      Our very own Baby DJ Louisa

      What is hard for any new DJ, is to get their name out there and no one has done it quicker or bigger than our smallest and youngest little DJ, Louisa. At 8 months old, she takes to the decks (or rather Pioneer CDJ 2000 nexus) like a boat to water. From scratching to tapping play to giggling at her headphones falling off, she loves every bit of it. On the weekend I managed to get a photo of her in the mix and put it up on our SG Discos twitter page. It was not long until it was rewetted and shared across the world and later even mentioned by Pioneer DJ. Now if you don’t think she is really taking it seriously enough, then think about this, when taken away from the mixer she began to cry and in front of the controls she couldn’t stop laughing. Not only this, she was very careful with her milk and even managed to be sick (I was very worried for the equipment when that happened) away from the Pioneer CDJ’s, which obviously makes me happy as the equipment she was playing worth was worth in the region of £5000!

      This is possibly the cutest picture I’ve ever taken of a DJ, far better than any of my selfies (I don’t take those. Seriously I don’t!). DJ Louisa is one to look out for, I will try and get some videos of her soon!

      DJ Louisa spotted by Pioneer DJ on twitter

      DJ Louisa Spotted by Pioneer DJ on twitter


       The performance the entire music world was waiting for arrived last night. Yes it was the 56th Grammy Awards and everyone who is anyone in music is usually in attendance for the biggest event in the music calendar. However, last nights awards ceremony was special (not only because of the 34 couples that were wed and officiated by Queen Latifah) but because BEYONCÉ and JAY-Z put on (in our opinion) the best performance of the night!

      Screen shot 2014-01-27 at 09.58.03 The perfection of the performance was as expected from two of the greatest names in music, with Beyoncé performing one of her new tracks ‘Drunk in love’ from her most experimental and vibrant album Beyoncé. From surprising the world with the release of this album on December 13th, causing iTunes to go into meltdown, to having music videos assist every track on the new ‘visual album’; it is clear that Beyoncé has rightfully earned her place in music history.

      jayz and beyonce To top off her performance, she was joined onstage with her husband and superstar Jay-Z. From the moment he emerged stage-right, the chemistry between the two was evident. They not only looked comfortable performing together, they have heightened the expectation of live performances at the Grammys! Their steamy rendition will definitely be a performance that no one will be forgetting any time soon.



      Watch the performance below:

      IKEA Cardiff Transformed into an adult play area and Nightclub!

      Just been going through some old images and below is a little story about what we did with IKEA back in 2008/9.

       You’ll never look at IKEA Cardiff the same but at their request, we transformed their store into a Nightclub. A little unusual we will admit but something that we here at SGDJ jumped at the opportunity to do! With a little help from our sister company (Impact Effects) and in collaboration with Dragon Bouncy Castles and White Fusion, we provided a very different ‘day at the office’.

      Ikea 12

      Everything you would not expect to find in IKEA, you actually found! On the ground level there was our very own Rodeo Sheep, Gladiators and an inflatable slide and bungee run!

      On the first floor you were treated to a massive club standard sound system, a bouncy castle, sumo suits and over 2000watts of UV lighting on the Dancefloor! To top things off Staff were even treated to a FREE BAR!




      The Sound of 2014

      “Nobody knows who I am, but most of the people in this country have heard me sing”

      You may not recognise his face but this man is no stranger to success in the music industry! Sam Smith, up against the likes of Ella sam smithEyre and Chlöe Howl awarded Critics Choice Brit Award and BBC Sound of 2014. This was not a surprise to us after hearing his beautifully haunting vocals. He gave Disclosure their first chart hit with Latch, he’s the voice behind Naughty Boy’s no.1 hit ‘la la la’ and was the supporting act to Emeli Sandé’s latest tour. This up and coming musician has released several superb solo singles, each showcasing his naturally born talent, faultless falsetto and tremendous technique. The 26th of May 2014 is the date set for the release of his first debut album: In the Lonely Hour, which can be pre-ordered from his website

      Here’s a sneaky peak of what it will be sounding like. Watch this space!

      Most requested songs of 2013

      It has now been a week since the majority of us drank ourselves to oblivion, sang ‘Auld Lang Syneand finished off the left over turkey.  While most of us partied, watched numerous firework displays or got overtly excited during the countdown for the New Year (as I always do), the time to go back to reality is finally upon us. The doom and gloom of January, the cold and grey feeling most of us experience, enhanced by our struggle to uphold our new years resolutions is something that makes January one long and continuous Monday.


      Nevertheless, the team at SGDJ has been putting their knowledge to the test to hypothesize what were the most requested songs of 2013? The outcome might not be what everyone may expect but with many mobile DJ companies like ourselves, we cater for those who throw an outrageous MTV style SweetSixteenths, to making someone’s wedding day extra special and even 70th birthday parties. Therefore it could be the smash hit ‘Blurred Lines’ up against an old time classic (or rather golden oldie) like ‘Sweet Caroline’. Thanks to the DJ Event Planner song request system, a comprehensive list has been compiled, giving us the top 200 most requested songs of 2013 based on over 2 million song requests!


      Below is the top 20 of requested songs but for the full list visit – Most requested

      Screen shot 2014-01-07 at 10.08.15



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