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  • Packages

    Tailored to suit your needs

    Its impossible to simply ask 'how much do you charge for a disco?' Each event is different. Whatever your requirements, we have created 4 packages (as guides only), which can be tailored to suit your needs (Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze).

    Understandably you cannot offer quality and be cheap at the same time. Whatever your looking for we offer extremely good value for money, so good in fact that 85% of our business is from existing customers or referrals.

  • UV Parties

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    UV Parties  

    includes all set up, delivery & collection with Glow Sticks and FacePaint as standard (Glow Extras)
    Basic Package with 6 UV Cannons, 3 stands + 100 Glow Sticks and 2 Tubes of Facepaint £150
    Standard Package 6 UV cannons, 4 stands, UV bar, 2 UV Pannels 300 Glow Sticks and 4 Tubes of Facepaint £175
    Premium Package 8 UV cannons, 6 stands, 2 UV bars, 4 UV Pannels 500 Glow Sticks and 6 Tubes of Facepaint £250
    UV Extras excluding set up and delivery etc:
    400watt UV cannon £12 each
    UV Bar light £10 each
    LED UV Pannel £8 each
    Have you got any questions? ... Please get in touch!